(Why you should select our company's service?)

(1) Free Delivery

Most of the HK people are very busy and occupied by the work, most of the laundry shops are already closed when we are back to home. Or we are already too tired to deliver the dirty clothes into laundry after work. Since we understand this customer need, we provide a free delivery so that we can pick up or return the clothes in the morning or evening session.

(2) Express Service

Since we are so busy, it always happens that we discover we need a laundry service one or two days before the special event. So we introduce an express service that the clothing can be delivered back to customer's home within 48 hours after the pick-up (express service is subject to price justification).

(3) Quality Guarantee

We understand the importance of each clothing that customer sends to us. It could be customer's the most favorite suit or it could be a very special gift from a beloved one. We have provided the laundry service for years, our cleansing procedure will assure the fabric quality in addition to the dirt removal.