Service Coverage / Procedure  

Coverage :
Mattress cleaning
Sofa cleaning
Pillow cleaning
Cushions cleaning
Soft Toys cleaning
Door cleaning
Window cleaning
Floor cleaning
Wall cleaning
Step 1: Dust Mite Removal
We use professional cleaning machine for mite removals. It can effectively 100% remove the mite which lie on the service and hide inside the bedding.
Step 2: 100 High Temperature Disinfection
The cleaning machine can produce high temperature vapour to kill all the germs & mite. It is the most environmental disinfection method to avoid allergic from chemical antiseptic.
Step 3: Odour Removal & Disinfection (optional)
We use an environmental, organic and antiseptic solvent to remove the odour. It has the antiseptic function as well. It's up to customer choice and it's free of charge.