(Why you should select our company's service?)

Since the SARS attack last year, our company believe the environmental health is crucial to maintain a good living
standard. And to maintain the air cleanliness should be the first step of every responsible individual, organization
and family leader to keep their beloved one living in a hygienic environment.

We all understand, Hong Kong is a humid and high dense city. Our environment is polluted by the exhausted air &
dust, and it definitely provides the best condition for virus growth. Unfortunately, although many leading medical
research state asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis are the three main allergic diseases caused by Dust mite, the
public are still unaware of the danger and even ignore this potential risk to health.

Our company wants to stop this unhealthy situation, and therefore introduce a series of promotion to raise the
general precaution of Dust mite. Our company use the most professional & environmental machine to ensue
100% Dust mite removal, and the air is fresh and clean.