In additional to those basic household service items, we have other value-added services.
And our staff has the certificate for those special services.

(1) Post-Pregnant Care Service

After pregnancy, women usually get swollen because of water accumulated in the body, feel painful due to the surgery or get frustrated in handling a new born baby. Because of all these reasons, we know women at this stage need special care and attention. Our specialist has many years experience in taking care a ˇ§newˇ¨ mother and her baby. We know many traditional Chinese soups and massage which are very suitable for the mother to recover the body and get emotionally relaxed. And with their extensive experience in handling a new born baby, every woman can enjoy the motherhood.

(2) Elder Care Service

Our staff have extensive experience in taking care of the elder. We know how to prepare a healthy & balanced diet to avoid overweight, heart-attack and diabetes etc. We also assist the family members in monitoring their health we understand their self-alertness is getting worse. In addition, with our patient and sincere serving attitude, the elder is emotionally supported.

By such well-rounded care, the family members do not need to over-worry with their parents or grandparents at home while concentrating on their work or enjoying a holiday.

(3) Post Renovation Cleansing

We have the working experience for years. We know how to handle the dirt after the renovation or decoration. In addition, we will pay special attention to avoid any damage to your new house.