(Why you should select our company・s service?)

(1) Professional Training

All our house-maid has received on-job training and has many years・ working experience. So for daily work, no matter it・s cooking, household cleansing or child caring , our staff will serve the customer sincerely.

(2) Labor Insurance

We have bought the labor insurance for all our staff. So if our staff has any accident at work, they can be protected by a reasonable premium. Under this policy, the house-maid can feel more secured at work, and this protection can directly increase the service level to all our customers. In addition, our customer can save the money and the additional administrative work if they handle the labor insurance by themselves.

(3) Follow-through Communication

When customer selects our service in the first time, our administrator will visit the customer with the house-maid to understand each customer・s specific requirement. This practice will ensure customer・s requirement is properly addressed so as to guarantee our service level.

(4) Flexible Arrangement

Our house-maids live in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and remote Islands, these geographically spread resources are sufficient to cover service at any location and response to any ad-hoc request (un-notified request is subject to price justification). In addition to the basic plan in which customer just need the service for several hours each week, the service plan can be tailor-made and extent to half day or full day basis.