(Why you should select our company's service?)

(1) Professional Knowledge

All our technicians & engineers have the design, installation, maintenance & cleansing experience for years. So no matter which brand name or model, window type or split type, our staff can base on the environment (residential, commercial or industrial building) to propose the most suitable solution to each customer.

(2) Post-sales Service Guarantee

In order to let customer has confidence in selecting our service, we provide a post-sales service guarantee. If the same problem still exists within one week after our installation or maintenance service, we guarantee to follow up the issue until the problem is resolved.

(3) Prompt Arrangement

Air conditioner is a necessity to each family or commercial institution. Therefore, we shall immediately appoint a technician to resolve the issue quickly so as to minimize any inconvenience to customer.

(4) Competitive Price

We have worked with different brand's distributors for several years. We always in a position to help customer to get the most competitive price in purchasing any band's air-conditioner or parts.